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    Employee Share Plan Site Terms and Conditions


    The terms and conditions set out below are the basis upon which Computershare will provide and You shall be permitted to use the Service.

    These terms and conditions only relate to provision of the Service. Your participation in the Plan is determined and governed by the Plan Rules.

    Provision of the Service

    The Employee Share Plan site gives You a portfolio view of your holdings of securities issued by the Company where the Company's Plan is administered by CPM.

    Computershare and CPM have taken reasonable care in publishing the information available through the Employee Share Plan site but do not guarantee that the information is complete, accurate or current. In particular, Computershare and CPM are not responsible for:

    1. the accuracy of the closing balance shown that is recorded on the register at the time of inquiry may not be the current holding balance. For example, there may be a time delay between your making a transaction and the information on this site being updated;
    2. the accuracy of information provided by third parties; or
    3. the verification or updating of any information which has been provided by You.

    You are solely responsible for the use You choose to make of the information at the Employee Share Plan site. Further, You accept liability for all losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from your use of the Employee Share Plan site. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Computershare and CPM disclaim all liability (including liability in negligence) to any person arising out of use of or reliance on the information at the Employee Share Plan site including liability for loss or damage, which You or anyone else might suffer as a result of that use or reliance.

    Where You carry out certain tasks via the Employee Share Plan site, Computershare and CPM will take reasonable care to facilitate this but do not guarantee that the tasks can be effected electronically. In particular, Computershare and CPM are not responsible for ensuring that any tasks have been completed effectively.

    The Password, PIN, SRN and Username as applicable, should be kept confidential and should not be recorded in the same place. Where You disclose the Password, PIN, SRN or Username to another person, to the extent permitted by law, Computershare and CPM disclaim all liability (including liability for negligence) for any loss or damage that You may suffer as the result of that person improperly accessing Employee Share Plan site and gaining information or effecting unauthorised transactions.

    You are responsible for ensuring all electronic communications sent by You to Computershare are free from viruses or defects and You will be responsible for any losses Computershare may incur if You fail to do this. If a communication from You is found to contain a virus, it may not be accepted by Computershare. Computershare shall not be liable in the event that You suffer or incur any loss or damage as a result of any such communication not being accepted by Computershare.

    Computershare reserves the right without notice to make any technical changes it considers necessary or desirable to either the Service or the Employee Share Plan site where it considers that it is in Your interests to do so. Computershare shall not be responsible in the event that any upgrade to the Service means that You are no longer able to access the Service.

    Computershare and CPM aim to provide the Service and have the Employee Share Plan site available in an uninterrupted manner and shall use reasonable endeavours to do so. However, You should note that, for reasons beyond the control of Computershare and/or CPM, the Service or the Employee Share Plan site may be unavailable at any time without notice. Neither Computershare or CPM will be liable in the event the Service and/or the Employee Share Plan site is not provided in a continuous and uninterrupted manner.

    Validity and Governing Law

    In the event that any part of these terms and conditions is not legally enforceable, the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected and shall remain valid and enforceable.

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law applicable in Victoria. You agree that in the event of a dispute the courts of Victoria shall have jurisdiction.


    Company means the company which has established the Plan.

    Computershare means Computershare Limited ABN 71 005 485 825.

    CPM means Computershare Plan Managers Pty Limited ABN 56 084 591 131, a wholly owned subsidiary of Computershare, Australian Financial Services Licence (number 309883).

    Employee Share Plan site means the internet website that has to be accessed to be able to use the Service.

    Participating Company means the Company and any subsidiary of the Company, which participates in the Plan.

    Password means a word or other series of characters created by You to gain access to the Employee Share Plan site (where this functionality has been made available to You by CPM). Passwords are case sensitive and must be between 8 and 15 characters, with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

    Plan means any employee share scheme of the Company administered by CPM in which You participate or are eligible to participate.

    PIN means Personal Identification Number that has been allocated to You to enable You to access the Service.

    Plan Rules means the rules of the Plan (including as applicable any relevant provisions in the trust deed which establishes the Plan), which set out the terms and conditions upon which You may participate in the Plan.

    Participant Number includes the Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Participant Reference Number (PRN), being a number issued to You to identify your holding(s) in the Plan of securities issued by the Company. The Participant Number can be found on statements issued to You in relation to the holding(s).

    Service means the service provided by Computershare which enables You to access certain information and services via the Internet in respect of your participation in the Plan.

    Username means the identification reference You can choose to create after Your first login in place of the SRN or PRN in order to access the Employee Share Plan site (where this functionality has been made available to You by CPM). Usernames are not case sensitive and must be at least 6 characters long, with combination of letters and numbers but must not contain spaces or tabs.

    You (or Your or Yourself) means You, the person participating in the Plan or eligible to participate in the Plan.

    Updated 2 March 2015

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