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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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To accept an offer made by an Issuer
Account Designation
Account designations are used for identification purposes only.
Holdings cannot be registered directly in the name of a minor, deceased estate or trust. In this case, the holding may be registered in the name of the parent(s), executor(s), administrator(s) or trustee(s) with an account designation
Account Number
A unique number issued to you by your bank
Accrued Interest
Arises when stock is purchased between interest payment dates because the accrued coupon interest has to be paid to compensate the previous owner who foregoes the next interest payment. It takes into consideration the number of days between the last interest payment date and the settlement date. This accrued interest is then paid to the new stockholder when the next coupon payment is due
A company taking the controlling interest over another company
An individual appointed by a probate court to handle the estate of a person who died intestate. They have the same duties as an executor

1. An individual or firm that places securities transactions for clients.
2. A securities salesperson who represents a broker-dealer or issuer when selling or trying to sell securities to the investing public.

This is the person who makes a transaction on behalf of his or her employer or client.

Process of determining how many shares each applicant is entitled to
The Issue of securities to an Investor and the recording of this issue on the register
Allotment Date
The date on which allotment of securities occurs
Information provided by the Issuer of a security to the Stock Exchange
Annual Meeting
A meeting of a company's shareholders which is required by law to be held every year. The business of the meeting may include:
• Directors elections
• Information on previous and future activities
Annual Report
A report issued to Investors and containing financial statements, information on the Issuer’s activities and a notice of the Annual Meeting
Any person named as an applicant on an Application Form
A form completed by an applicant to apply for securities
Approved Issuer Levy (AIL)
A payment calculated at the rate of 2% of the leviable value of the registered security. This is the amount of interest paid for the security, or any redemption payment on a bond issued at a discount
As at Date
Date upon which the relevant information is recorded
Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Asking Price
The price at which someone is prepared to sell securities. Also known as selling or offer price
Asset Classes
Category of assets e.g. shares, bonds, capital notes
Possessions owned by a company or person. Assets can be divided into a number of different categories:
• Current assets
• Investments
• Fixed assets
• Intangible assets
Australian Stock Exchange
ASX Listing Rules
The official listing rules of the ASX
Currency code for Australian dollar
An inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body
A person authorised to conduct an audit
Auditors Report
A statutory statement by the auditors of a company to its Investors in the annual report
Authorised Capital
The maximum amount of share capital that an Issuer is authorised by its constitution to issue to subscribers
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