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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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Date Payable
The date on which the Issuer makes its dividend or interest payment to Investors
A type of fixed interest security usually issued by finance companies at a fixed rate of interest and for a fixed term, usually one to five years. The debenture is secured by a trust deed over an asset, or assets, of a company
An obligation by one individual or company to pay a specific amount of money to another party
Debt Capital
Money raised by selling bonds, the principal and interest on which must be repaid
Debt Security
A security that represents a loan to a company or government. Debt security (such as bank notes, bonds and debentures), holders normally receive interest payments at regular intervals, and receive their money back on the security’s maturity date
Deceased Estate
The assets or holdings left behind by a person at the time of death
Usually referring to failure to pay a debt that has fallen due
The removal of a company’s shares from listing on the stock exchange
Delivery Versus Payment Settlement (DvP Settlement)
A binding exchange of unconditional securities for unconditional same day funds to settle an obligation
The break-up of a company into separate operations in the expectation that this will enhance performance
The process of changing from a mutual company to a shareholder owned company
A financial instrument, the price of which is derived from the value of one or more underlying securities, commodities or any agreed pricing index or arrangement
Direct Credit Instruction
An instruction given by an investor to credit interest and dividend payments to a nominated account
Direct Debit
An instruction given by an investor to debit a nominated account. A payment method commonly used in corporate actions
Persons that are elected to act as representatives of shareholders to establish corporate management related policies and to make decisions on company issues
Dishonoured Cheque
A cheque is dishonoured due to insufficient funds in the drawer's account
The payment of a dividend by a company out of its profits. These are allocated on a per unit basis
See also Distribution. A company may choose to distribute a portion of their profits to shareholders. This may be in the form of money or additional shares of stock.
Dividend Rate
The amount of dividend payable per share
Dividend Reinvestment Plan
An optional scheme offered by Issuers which provides shareholders the opportunity to increase their investment in the company without incurring any brokerage fees
Dividend Type
• A final dividend occurs at the end of a company’s financial year
• Interim dividends generally occur in between the final dividends
Dividend Yield
The rate of investment return received by way of dividends
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