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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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Face Value
The amount that is paid to the security holder on maturity
Fully Automated Screen Trading and Electronic Registration System. The electronic system used in all buying and selling of shares on the NZX markets.
FIN or Authorisation Code is a four digit security code which operates in a similar way to a PIN on a bank account
Final Dividend
Dividend paid after the conclusion of the company’s financial year when the profit for the year is known
Financial Statements
The set of financial records companies must produce to certain accounting standards, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements
Fixed Interest Security
A debt security which offers a fixed rate of interest throughout the life of the investment
Fixed Period Settlement
The fixed period settlement date set under the rules of the market is presently T +3
The process of publicly offering shares to investors and listing on the market
Foreign Ownership Restrictions
Restrictions specified by Issuers regarding such things as the percentage of shares on issue that any one foreign Investor may hold
Foreign Ownership Threshold (FOT)
The percentage of shares on issue that all foreign Investors on the register may hold in total
Franking Credit
A tax credit to a person owning shares for the tax that has already been paid by the issuing company on their dividends
Fully Paid Shares
Ordinary shares where there is no uncalled liability (i.e. the full nominal value has been paid)
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