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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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Imputation Credits
A tax credit passed on by companies to shareholders. Dividends can be fully or partially imputed or carry no imputation at all
A statistical construction that measures relative or absolute price changes and/or returns for a given group of securities
Index Fund
A fund designed to track the performance of a market index
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
The first sale or issue of shares to investors publicly, when a company is raising capital to fund growth if its business. IPO and float are terms often used interchangeably
Insider Trading
The illegal practice of using company (or inside) information as a basis for buying or selling shares
Instalment Receipts
Also Known as Partly Paid Shares. A security with an attached obligation to pay a fixed price for a fully paid ordinary share at a specified date in the future
Interim Dividend
The dividend declared before annual earnings are established
Inland Revenue Department
Issued Capital
A portion of a company's equity that has been obtained (or will be obtained) by trading stock to a shareholder for cash or equivalent item of capital value
A company (or other organisation) that has securities listed on an exchange
Issuer Sponsored Holdings
An Issuer Sponsored Holding is one that is sponsored by the Issuer
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