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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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Net Assets Value
The total assets (securities, cash and accrued earnings) of a company or fund less any liabilities, divided by the number of units outstanding
Net Profit
The gross profit of a company (total turnover of products sold less costs to purchase or manufacture) minus all other expenses
Net Tangible Asset Backing (NTA)
A ratio showing the value of company assets attributable to each share on issue
Nominal Value
The face value of a bond
Nominated Proxy
A person appointed to vote at a meeting on behalf of another Investor
Non Renounceable Rights
A rights offer that cannot be traded on the market and may only be taken up or forfeited
New Zealand Clearing Depository Corporation. The electronic system used in all buying and selling of shares on the NZX markets
New Zealand Dollar
New Zealand Stock Exchange
NZX Code
A unique code used by the NZX to identify listed companies
NZX Listing Rules
Rules which govern the procedures and behaviour of all NZX listed companies and listed trusts
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