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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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A bond at par is one whose price is the same as its face value
Participating Dividend
A dividend paid to preference shareholders in addition to the normal preference dividends payable
Partly Paid Shares
Also known as Instalment receipts. A security with an attached obligation to pay a fixed price for a fully paid ordinary share at a specified date in the future
Payment Instruction
Also known as Direct Credit Instruction. Banking details provided to the registry by the Investor instructing payment of dividends
Perpetual Note/Bond
A bond with no fixed maturity date
A portfolio investment entity (PIE) is a new type of entity (such as a managed fund) that invests the contributions from investors in different types of investments
Prescribed Investor Rate. The tax rate that will applied to any income earned from a PIE fund
A collection of securities and/or other financial instruments held by an Investor
Power of Attorney
A legal document granting authority to another individual or company (the recipient) to act on behalf of the person granting the authority (donor)
Preference Shares
Shares that entitle the shareholder to first claim on the profits of a company when it comes to dividend payments and which hold priority over ordinary shares for repayment of capital in the event that the company is liquidated
Price Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)
A ratio showing the fundamental relationship between a company’s share price and profits
Principal Amount
The face value of a fixed interest security
Pro Rata
Pro Rata Issue
Offered on a pro rata basis within a specific class to all holders of those securities
Authority granted by a court to a person (the executor) to wind up an estate of a deceased person
In common usage it is net profit after tax and minority interest. More specifically, it is revenue less any costs. There are usually a number of different measures of profit such as operating profit, earnings before tax, and pre-tax profit
The document issued by a company or fund prior to the issue of shares to the public. This sets out the terms of the offer, provides the background and financial and management status of the company or fund, and must comply with the NZX Listing Rules and the Securities Act 1978
A written authorisation given to a person to attend and vote on behalf of an Investor at a shareholder meeting
Public Company
Public companies are usually owned by a large number of Investors. They can issue shares and debentures by way of public issue and there are usually no limitations on the transfer of shares
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