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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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A value considered in relation or proportion to another
A person appointed, either by a court or by a creditor to take charge of the affairs of a company until its debts are paid. The company is thus in receivership
The condition of a company that has had a receiver appointed to administer it
A change to the existing capital structure of a company. Some examples of this include, share splits, consolidations, schemes of arrangement and name changes
Record Date
The date chosen by the Issuer for the determination of the shareholders to whom an entitlement or right relating to its shares may apply
A record, which holds the details of shares, issued to Investors for a specific Issuer
The organisation that maintains relationships with and keeps records of shareholders on behalf of the company. For example Computershare Investor Services Limited
Also known as a Shunt. When shares are transferred form one stock exchange to another for the purpose of trading
Renounceable Rights
An offer issued by a company to shareholders to purchase more shares. Renounceable rights have a value and can be traded
Occurs when an Investor sells his/her entitlement to shares in a new issue to another person
Retail Investor
An individual who purchases small amounts of securities for himself/herself, as opposed to an institutional investor. Also called individual investor or small investor
Rights Issue
A method used by companies to issue the right to existing Investors of a security, to buy more shares at a given price within a fixed period
Return on Investment. A calculation used to determine whether a proposed investment is wise
Issuers may offer holders the option to roll over the maturing security which is replaced by a further security
Residents Withholding Tax. For New Zealand tax residents, it is the tax paid on resident passive income such as interest
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