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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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The process used to scale down the number of shares or rights applied for by an Investor. This occurs when an Issuer has oversubscribed in an issue of shares
Schemes of Arrangement
A court approved agreement between a company and its shareholders or creditors
A broad term for shares and other investments that are essentially a legal claim to part ownership of a company and/or to financial entitlements
Security Code
Stock Exchange generated listed security code
Security Transaction Statements
Outlines the transactions of security held by an Investor
A holder of securities
The completion of a transaction, whereupon securities and where appropriate, corresponding funds are transferred
Settlement Date
The date on which the final settlement of securities transaction takes place and the final payment is made
Share Buyback
This occurs when a company buys back its own shares from shareholders, reducing the number of shares outstanding
Share Purchase Plan (SPP)
An offer to Investors by some Issuers to top-up their holdings according to specified rules
Share Splits
The subdivision of shares into a larger number of shares
The ownership of part of a company which carry voting rights and entitlement to dividends. The majority of shares issued are either ordinary or preference shares
Also known as Removal. When shares are transferred form one stock exchange to another for the purpose of trading
Special Dividend
A dividend paid in addition to the usual interim or final dividend and paid at the discretion of the Issuer
Special Meeting (SM)
A meeting for Investors when a special issue needs approval
Securityholder Reference Number. This is allocated for identification purposes and prefixed by 12 characters usually starting with ‘I’ or ‘C’ followed by an 11 digit number
Stapled Security
These securities are created when two or more related securities are contractually bound together so that they cannot be sold separately
Statutory Declaration
A legally binding signed declaration made by a person to say that the statement they are making is true and correct and is generally witnessed by a Justice of the Peace
Another term for shares or securities
Stock Exchange
A general term used to refer to the organised trading of securities through various exchanges
Stop Payment
A notification to a bank that a cheque has been lost or stolen and is not to be honoured
Sub Register
A component of the principal register whereby securities held in different modes are segregated
One who agrees to purchase securities
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