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This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms.

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The fixed settlement period which is a stock exchange rule requiring both broker and client settlements for most stock exchange transactions to take place on the second business day after the date of the transaction
The acquisition or purchase of one company by another. A Takeover can be for all or part of a company and bids can take place on market and off market simultaneously.
Takeovers progress through four phases:
• entitlement
• acceptance
• unconditional
• compulsory
Reaching the compulsory stage will be dependent upon conditions set by the offeror
Tax File Number. A unique number issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to individuals and organisations
The action of buying and selling securities
Traded Volume
The number of shares bought and sold in the market. There are trading volume numbers for each company and each price at which sales are made, and for each trading period
Trading Class
A security which can be traded (bought or sold) in the market
Trading Halt
The suspension in the trading of a particular security for a certain period of time
A record of movement (selling or buying) in an Investor’s holding
The action of transferring a holding from one Investor to another
Trust Distribution Payments
A payment of a trust’s profit to unit holders
A person or company that has legal responsibility for financial aspects (receipts, disbursement, and investment) of funds
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